We want you!

If you are an actor/actress and bushels wanting to grow professionally, we "visionaries" we have the solution for you.

We are updating our file casting (contains already about 1,000 cards of appearances and 300 between actors and actresses) and soon we will organize some meeting that itself  developed in Sicily Eastern and West to increase our offer.  We have like purpose that of to be mediators between the film productions and you actors/actresses.

If you want it participate in our initiative send the artistic curriculum and photograph to segreteria@visionaria.it, we will take later on contacts with you to communicate you the date and the place in which the selection will be developed.

Visionary it does not want to replace itself to the agents of the actors/actresses, but wants to promote l' industry of the cinema in Sicily, giving the possibility to actors/emerging actresses of to do acquaintance. With the your curriculum in our file you will be able to be chosen for film every production that will want to entrust itself to Visionary. Our file casting is upset to actors/actresses residents in Sicily, of whatever age and experience.