The Granita

December 2008: Co-production Spain-Italy of the short one "La Granita" by Francesca Catricalà, produced by the Prometeo film of Barcellona.

 "Dreams make the world a better place; people dream because we all deserve more than reality”.
The Granita tells the story of Carmine, an old Sicilian granita seller moved to Spain for a love story who got blind after a fight and a young student of journalism.
The meeting point between tradition and future is determined by contrast: past and present, old age and youth, culture - with its ancient flavors - and search for new lands, eventhough Sicily (dreamed or narrated by the protagonist) is always present. The special friendship between these two different characters will give them what they need: new eyes for Carmine to review his homeland and his youth, and a new chance for the young girl to learn her profession from a very old tradition, empathising with reality only to understand how real life must be to told.