Silvia Scerrino was born, lives and works in Palermo where in 1991 she took her degree in architecture. In 1994 she founded the production society EIKONOS image-processing with which she has produced more than 20 documentaries based especially on historical places and events and organizes many film shows and seminaries. In 1996 she founded the Edizioni Papageno publishing house, with which she publishes Cinema Ad Occhi Aperti, the only critique and information review published south of Rome, and some monographs about Italian actors and cinema directors . In 2000 she founded the Cultural Association “Visionaria” which she has since then lead and worked as a producer.


June 2001: “Il Buma”, declared from Minister like national cultural interest , directed by Giovanni Massa, produced by C.L.C.T. a.r.l

June-December 2003: “Alla luce del sole” directed by Roberto Faenza with Luca Zingaretti as protagonist, produced by Jean Vigo Italia of Rome.

June-December 2004: “La passione di Giosuè l’ebreo” directed by Pasquale Scimeca, produced by Arbash s.c.a.r.l.

Outer relations:

January-December 2006: “ I Vicere” directed by Roberto Faenza, produced by Jean Vigo Italia of Rome.

“Angelesse”: Productive coordination of the video with 35’ running time , directed by Roberta Torre, presented at the Taormina Festival and bought by Rete 2 (rai) ,section Videosapere.

“Senti amor mio?”: Productive coordination, promotion and distribution of the short feature in 35 mm with 9’ running time . Directed by Roberta Torre, AIACE prize winner for the best short at the Venice Biennial Cinema Festival.



“Ferdinandea” docu-fiction directed by Claudio Pappalardo produced by Farenheit 451 of Torino.


“Paso Doble” documentary.
“Girotonno” spot for the city of Carloforte in Sardinia

“Il restauro di una statua”:documentary



“Racconto di un successo”, documentary directed by Gaetano Di Lorenzo.



“Pueblito Viejo” documentary.

AMAP: institutional spot.

“Miracolo a Ballarò” directed by Gaetano Di Lorenzo

AMG institutional spot.

Executive production ,for the Sciarlò Society of Francesco Tornatore and La Medusa, of the backstage of the film “Il dolce e l’amaro” directed by Andrea Porporati.

Executive production for the Film Library of Bologna of an Principe Alliata’s interview to employ for a home-video series.



Coproduction, with the London College of Communication,of the short feature “Isola Nuda” directed by Debora Inguglia.

Executive production of the short film “Ultimo modello”, directed by Luca Lucchesi, chosen at the International Short Festival of Latina (Pontino Festival )

“Caccia alle streghe”: documentary directed by Sofia Ganci.



“Caffè Gora”:documentary directed by Marino Brandoli.



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