Direction’s sketch:

Debora got the Classical School-Leaving Certificate and took up Humanities studies at the University of Palermo. In 1998 she moved in London where she developed a strong passion for visual arts and she enriched her studies with a particular interest for documentary representation techniques.

In the last three years of her studies, Debora had the opportunity to study and specialize her interests in cinema direction thanks to the production of many shorts made in England and Italy. Her last short, IsolaNuda, produced with the Cultural Association “ Visionaria” was previewed at the National Film Theatre of London in June 2007. Debora is currently writing the script of her first full length feature.


2007 Isola Nuda ( Sicily.Drama. Hd, Colour.11’38): A man returns to his
native country upon his mother’s death day to remember the mysterious event
for which he ran away from home when he was just a little boy.

2006 Isola Nuda (promo) (Drama. Dvcam, Color/B-W .2’30): Short video produced as a Promo from which Isola Nuda was based on.

2005 Bottle ( London. Drama. Super 16 mm. Colour. 5’00): Igor can’t relate to the rest of the world. He uses bottles to store his memories that he jealously collects at home. But the trauma of the breaking of a bottle will help to change his condition.

2004 Bevi o invita ( Drink or ask) (Sicily. Documentary. Dvcam. Colour.10’00 ): In a small Sicilian country, a group of fishermen meet up daily to play “Tocco”. This game gives them the opportunity to talk about their lives and jobs. However, as a character of the story says, this game may become dangerous.


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