“Isola Nuda” is a project which drawing on the main subject of the homonymous non-fiction film directed by Debora Inguglia, the real story of reclusion of 46 homosexuals from Catania in various Italian penalty islands in 1939, invests its main aspirations in the synthesis and re-launch of issues such as those of diversity and exclusion.
Cultural association Visionaria is interested in the non-fiction film “Isola Nuda” not only because of the mere opportunity of reconstructing an extremely significant fact of the past - although historical reconstruction is undoubtedly a necessary step to avoid such events to be forgotten - but also in the aspiration of confronting the particular process of narrative construction chosen by the author and that because of its authorial nature does not intend to find a constrain in the conventions of historical documentary.

The project develops a variety of investigation routes and avails itself of different forms of communication.
The documentary is supported by

• The website: http://isolanuda.visionaria.it : the project aims to test the work methodology that sees the making of an audiovisual product alongside related events. This is why we believe that it will be an useful platform to advertise and investigate different activities whilst carrying out the film’s organization and realization. The website will also have a Journal and a Press Review section that will hopefully become a virtual space where to encourage further investigation and\or relations within third parties.

• The blog: the production intends to launch through the blog a series of themes whose material would be of great interest for school discussions and talks as well as the Journal and the Press office. The blog also aims to be the test ground for the feedback the production wish to gain through the net of relations that we intend to establish with associations, productions and many other representatives from both culture and entertainment entourages and institutions.

• A Study Day: the main purpose is to stimulate the rise of a multidisciplinary debate developing as confrontation between very differing and in some cases opposing perspectives on themes that spread from fascist historiography to sexuality, ethics, politics of rights and psychology.

• School meetings: Isola Nuda, the film will be shown in schools also along with the director’s introduction to her work ought to engage students with a discussion about the making of the film.
We believe that the director’s discussion about the processes followed for the making of the film will contribute to the development of critical awareness among an audience often strongly educated and influenced by mainstream imagery coming from various media such as TV, cinema, the internet and mobile phones.
The following are some of the themes to be proposed to the students during the Study Day and to be facilitated by a moderator

• Critical confrontation between historical facts and contemporary issues, with particular reference to the politics of fascism and the current politics regarding diversity, (sexual orientation ,religion , class etc.)

• Analysis and comparison between Italian society during fascism and the present: similarities , differences and evolution.

• Testing and reflecting on the general knowledge about the history of liberation movements in the seventies.

• Analysis of the relationship between bullism and the mechanisms which lead to social exclusion.

• Critical reflection on the diversities emerging in the school environment of different areas in Sicily.

• Reflection and discussion on gender and also on the relationship between gender and sexual orientation.


graphic by www.giuseppearnone.com