March 2000 : designs, registers and manages own website. Visionaria   actively promotes some of the most significant feature films of the Italian cinema:
- "La vita altrui" by David Emmer;
- "500! " By Giovanni Robbiano, Lorenzo Vignolo and Matteo Zingirian;
- "Non con un bang" by Mariano Laberti.

March 2000 : for the   “L’ immagine  leggera” - Palermo International Videoart Festival hosted by Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa of Palermo. Visionaria has created and curated the section “Premio del Pubblico” (Public prize)within the International Contest of Videoart and Experimental Cinema.

June 2000: it officially presents to the national press the Visionaria Project  within “Anteprimaannozero” Film Festival organized by Bellaria Igea Marina (Council of Rimini).

June 2000: it co-organizes exhibition “Ustica 2000, Cinema-the sea inside the screen ” realized by the Provincial Authority for touristic promotion of Palermo.

August 2000: it designs Cinema exhibition “Homage to Marcello Mastroianni” for Cefalu’ council (Palermo). Hosts include Licia Maglietta, Hanna Schygulla  and Silvio Soldini.

September 2000: it co–organizes a seminary and retrospective on “The documentary according to Fredrick Wiseman”, promoted by the Councillorship for Culture ,the Environment   and Education of Sicilian Region, hosted by Real Teatro Santa Cecilia in Palermo.

September 2000: co-produces  television fiction “Women of the Mafia“ directed by Giuseppe Ferrara and produced by Sphere s.r.l., Rome for RAI DUE.

October 2000
: casting coordination for television fiction “Il commissario Montalbano-la gita a Tindari”, for RAI DUE.

December 2000: it  realizes the documentary fiction “Ferdinandea” by director Claudio Pappalardo , produced by Farenheit 451, Turin.

March 2001: it organizes the shooting for the video “Palermo sul  binario  giusto”,  (Palermo on the right railroad) and  photographic shoot  about the city of Palermo for Ferrovie Dello Stato (Italian National Rail) advertising campaign.

March 2001
: Alitalia new product presentation for tour operator Rome Italiatour, at  ABC Cinema in Palermo.

April 2001
: casting coordination for film “My name is Tanino” by director Paolo Virzì, produced by Cecchigori.

April  2001: it organizes meeting  for Commission of the European Science Foundation (ESF of Strasburgo) “To change the media  in order to change Europe” by   Professor  Giuliana   Muscio, at the lecture hall of the University of Palermo, Palazzo Steri.

May 2001: it organizes the personal exhibition of artist Ferdinando Farina at  Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa of Palermo, realizing also the catalogues for the exhibition.

May 2001: it realizes the film shoot for cinema fiction “238 Bath Avenue” by American director Steve Mackall, produced by The writers Bloc, Los Angeles.

June 2001: it organizes location, casting and it collaborates to the production of the film “The Buma”, by director Giovanni Massa, produced by C.L.C.T. a.r.l. and declared of national cultural interest from the related Ministry.

July 2001: commissioned by Artistic Director Felice Laudadio and the Taormina Art Committee to curate, organize and realize  the fiction film section of  “The sicialians”, under  Taormina FilmFest. Within the section it organizes a debate drawing upon specifications of Sicilian cinema and the regional cinematographic market issues; a meeting with Vittorio Storaro and young actors performances in collaboration with Lucia Sardo.

August 2001: it co-produces the theatre show “Onegin or the art not to know how to live”, realized by 451 Fahrenheit Theatre of Turin within the international contest “Palermo di Scena” promoted by  Council of Palermo.

September 2001: it collaborates to casting for television fiction “Il commissario Montalbano” produced by Palomar of Rome for RAI DUE.

October 2001: it organizes the opening ceremony of “Aereoporto Falcone Borsellino” rail station on behalf of Ferrovie dello Stato (Italian national rail).

October 2001: it realizes photo shoot for the new rail gallery Peloritani, Messina, on behalf of Ferrovie dello Stato (Italian national rail).

October 2001: it organizes video documentation of the show ”Act of Faith ” by director Anne Riitta Ciccone, produced by Francesco Torelli Production, Rome.

October 2001: it collaborates to the production of the film “The tales of Alice” by  director Anne Riitta Ciccone produced by  Francesco Torelli Production, Rome.

October 2001: it realizes the assembly and editing of the video-documentation of the artistic-recreational laboratories organized at the Commercial Technical Institute “Libero Grassi” of Palermo.
December 2001: it organizes the review “Visions from the archives”, annual showcase of acquisitions, restorations, activities, plans and ideas of the Sicilian Regional Film Library among the guests: Vittorio De Seta, Daniele Segre, Ninni Panzera, Francesco Alliata di Villafranca. Cinema Royal of Palermo.

January 2002: it organizes the national premiere of the fiction film restoration “Bronte: report of a slaughter” by Florestano Vancini in the following cinemas: Ariston of Catania, Astoria of Palermo, Golden of Siracusa, curated  by the Sicialian Regional Film Library  and the National School of Cinema (23-25 January).

January 2002: partnership with production house Thule Film of Naples.

February - July 2002:  it curates the organization, realization and promotion of “Shorts in  Taormina”, international competition for  short films within  the Taormina-BNL Film Fest 2002 (7-13 July 2002), subdivided in two sections:
- BNL Prize “International Short Film”;
- BNL Prize “Sicilian short films” (second edition).

March 2002: it is one of the 25 European companies to take part in the EEC Program of Action the Al Invest Cinema & Audiovisual 2002, promoted by General Directorate of External Affairs of the European Commission for the research on international partnership.

April 2002: it participates to international economic meeting of cinematographic partnership “Encuentro Empresarial Al-Invest Cine y Artes Audiovisuales” within Buenos Aires Festival Internacional De Cine Indipendiente, Argentina.

October 2002: it supplies assistance, logistic, technical and professional support for the shooting of fiction film “La memoire aux alouettes” by Paul Meyer, produced by Emme Productions s.r.l of Turin.

October - November 2002: realization of the documentary ”Etching  in Europe” part of the project “Etchers Printers” approved by  the European Community within the Culture Program 2000.
Specific topic of the video: the three seminaries – it organizes laboratories in Palermo, Paris and Prague.

March 2003: realization of the documentary “Paso Doble”, directed by  Silvia Scerrino, in various Argentinean  regions in order to collect evidence from the country after the economic fall. The documentary has been selected for the Festival Archipelago, Rome.

June - December 2003: realization of the film fiction ”Into the sunlight” directed by Roberto Faenza and starring  Luca Zingaretti, produced by Jean Vigo Italia in Rome. For the film it has supplied: general organization, location management, actors casting, extras, crew staff and on site logistic services.

March 2004: production of the documentary “Story of a success”, directed by Gaetano di Lorenzo, selected and presented at various Italian festivals.

- December 2004: realization of film fiction ”The passion of Giosuè the Hebrew” directed by Pasquale Scimeca, produced by Arbash s.c.a r.l. For the film it has supplied: general organization, location management, actors casting, extras, crew staff and on site logistic services
The film has been also sponsored by the Cultural Association Visionaria among others.

March 2005: realization of the documentary “Pueblito Viejo”, directed by Silvia Scerrino, toured in various regions of Colombia to report on the  social conditions of the country.

June 2005: production of two institutional commercials, targeted for cinema circuits, for AMAP, water services supplier company of Palermo.

September 2005: production of the documentary “Miracle at  Ballarò”, directed by  Gaetano Di Lorenzo, already awarded in various national competitions of cinematography.

December 2005: production of an institutional commercials, targeted for the cinemas circuit, for the AMG, supplier of energy services to the council of Palermo.

June 2006: realization of multimedia filmed contents for large marketed product from Giusoft, a company specialized in the production and sale of specialist software.

March - October 2006: collaboration with the film “The Vicerè” directed by Roberto Faenza, produced from Jean Vigo, RAI Fiction and RAI Cinema. It has supplied the film with production support and link to the institutions, the sponsors and the logistics.

April 2006 - June 2007: it realizes the course “IKON: the professions of the cinema - 1999.IT.16.1.PO.011/3.02/7.2.4/747” - Axis 3, Mis. 3.02 (ex 3,03), POR Sicily 2000-2006, founded by the European Social Fund and the Sicialian Region, Councillorship for Work, Social Security, Professional Development and the Immigration.

September - December 2006: it produces the Backstage for the film “The Sweet and the Bitter”, a film directed by Andrea Porporati, produced by Sciarlò s.r.l. and distributed by Jellyfish.

March 2007: co-produces the short film “Isola Nuda” directed by Debora Inguglia with the London College of Communication.

June 2007: co-produces the short film “Ultimo Modello” directed by Luca Lucchesi.

July 2007: it realizes the only existing filmed documentation of the wooden roof of the Cathedral of Nicosia.

August 2007: it realizes the interview, lead from Tatti Sanguinetti, to Prince Alliata for the realization of a commercial DVD on the productions of Panaria Film, promoted by Cinteci, Bologna.

October 2007: it starts the production of docu-fiction “Isola Nuda”, directed by Debora Inguglia, about the confinement of approximately forty pederasts from Catania during the fascist regime. It has been financed by the Sicialian Region - Councillorship for Culture, Environment and Education, Regional Department of Culture, Environment and Permanent Education.

March 2008
: it starts the production of the documentary “Café’ Gora”, directed by Marino Brandoli, about the goran community and the difficult relationships with the territories of Kosovo.

September 2008: it realizes the Tour Toyota 2008/2009 to Palermo

September - December 2008: executive production of the film "Viola di mare"  by Donatella Maiorca.

December 2008: co-production Spain-Italy of the short one "La Granita" by Francesca Catricalà, produced by the Prometeo film of Barcellona.

May 2009: executive production of the film "Con gli occhi di un altro", by Antonio Raffaele- Addamo, produced by Cultural Association Tersite of Palermo.