Visionaria Factory

Visionaria Factory is a consortium of young professionals and companies that have the passion and the competence of the cinema at heart. It is a structure of services to the cinematographic productions and for all those who would want to make cinema in the territory of the Sicilian region. It is a reality  in the  position of coordinating all the cinematographic requirements for those who operate in the Sicilian territory. It is an archive of complete and specific information for the entrepreneurial realities who aim to make cinema. It is an open territory for  all those people which, in Sicily, want to learn, to contribute, to operate, in the cinematographic field.


Visionaria Factory is able to carry out all the territory research needed in order to supply a wide choice of locations for any type of film and for any budget. Sicily, in fact, is a region rich in architectural heritage, both monumental and urban of all ages, from the prehistoric to today. The landscape of Sicily, moreover, varies from the coasts, sandy or rocky, to the high mountains, offering uncontaminated lands along urban agglomerates with characteristics that span from the Middle Ages to the present time. The climate, then, records the lowest rainfall in Italy. Visionaria Factory is able to supply photographic and video campaigns, work out exteriors or interior ground plans, it offers support staff to productions or “location manager” service. Visionaria Factory is also able to mediate both with private and with agencies for the temporary license of real estate and/or sites.


Visionaria Factory is already in possession of wide organized archives of actors, arranged in a system of cards for “categories” (man, woman, up to 12 years old, 24 years old, 45 years old, from 46 years old upwards), but it is, however in a position to carry out tailored casting for every cinematographic subject on photographic, video and digital support. It is able to find the necessary premises to a casting in every part of Sicily and it can supply both professional actors andextras it is also able to carry out casting within the ethnic communities resident in Sicily, of Arabic, Cameroun, Eritrean, Philippine, Ivorian, Palestinian, Indian background. 


Of the international reputation that the Sicilian cuisine enjoys, Visionaria Factory has made its custom to offer it for the catering: from set food boxes, to the finding of the most qualified restaurants in every part of the region, to the onsite breakfasts, Visionaria Factory only appoints exclusive qualified caterers that offer guarantees of quality, ability to adapt to the specific requirements, and a choice of very diverse menus. Visionaria Factory offers also the possibility to choose based on the available budget without compromising on the engagement of offered service quality and punctuality.


Thanks to the established organizational experience of its professionalism, Visionaria Factory enjoys a wide network of hotel structures, of the most various typologies, with which it has already collaborated in a regimen of convention. Beyond to this opportunity, Visionaria Factory can organize for the hospitality in apartments or, according to the location of the set, in hotel–houses. Also for this service a wide choice of alternatives is always offered to the productions to allow for a personalized choice that stays within a budget.


From history to costume, from art to folk traditions, from the culinary to zoology, Visionaria Factory is able, thanks to the collaboration with the University of Palermo, Catania and Messina, too assist the pre-production stage of any film in all those aspects that involve the scientific investigation of any subject anterior to the shooting stage.


From mobile cinema to flags: Visionaria Factory can gather all that’s necessary for the crew  in Sicily (including electricians and machinists departments), or it can find all the necessary materials elsewhere and arrange a delivery service according to the dates and in the place most suitable for the production. Visionaria Factory is able to transport equipment from Rome at reduced costs and, thanks to elapsed agreements with greater rent agencies, to lower the costs of renting equipments for its uses in Sicily. Visionaria Factory can, moreover, rent in Sicily the Beta digital cameras.


Visionaria Factory offers to the productions all those craftmanships that are able to complete, and with competence, the film crew. Propmakers, electricians, machinists, operator assistants, costume assistants, production designers assistants, runners: all those workers that allow to work without daily costs but to a high standard, proven from the experiences of every operator.


Visionaria Factory boasts itself with professionals capable of resolving also any bureaucratic aspect with public agencies and institutions that deal with territory management on several levels. Thanks to a good institutional knowledge and the numerous previous experiences, in fact, the professionals of Visionaria Factory are in a position to untying themselves in the complex webs of the communal, provincial and regional authorizations with particular reference to the specificity of the Special Charter of the Sicilian Region.


In the pre-production and production stage, Visionaria Factory can offer the necessary spaces and staff for the development of all the tasks of administrative offices, as to further lightening the costs, and the tasks, of the organizations. Visionaria Factory can offer the service in its complex, but it can also assist  the productions in any of their specific requirements.


Aerial or underwater shoots at minimum costs? One scene car or an available theatre? A square full of people or a desert street in the city centre? Thanks to its lay-out of relations Visionaria Factory sometimes makes it much easier what seems unattainable: it is, in fact, able to organize the shoot with precision and punctuality in any condition and it engages in to offer the better possible service at the lowest possible cost.


Thanks to particular agreements with related enterprises, Visionaria Factory can realize sets and/or the construction of scenes at particularly contained costs and in places that guarantee an optimal feasibility and safety to the scene equipments.

Press Office

Both in the  preparatory and the shoot stage, Visionaria Factory offers the possibility to use its press office for local press and national press, online press and/or can assist in all the promotional work a film requires through backstage work, photographic campaigns, documentation material, interviews and anything that may contribute to the maximum exposure of the film itself.